ARDUINO Upgraded Learning Kit

ARDUINO Upgraded Learning Kit





With over 50 different parts, 250 individual components, and a high quality combination kit, the Exportise Ultimate Starter Kit is the kit you need if you really want to get into electronics and programming. It has all the components you need to jumpstart for Arduino programming.

This kit is second in our line of Kits for Arduino, the versatile open-source prototyping platform that’s taken the electronics world by storm. Using only the components provided, you can within seconds, with no prior experience, start building electronics projects and can start programming.

With our kit, you’ll be able to control things in the physical world as easily as you can control things on your computer. Even after you graduate to more complicated projects and a wider variety of sensors, you’ll still find that the components in this kit form an important part of your prototyping toolkit.


  • 1pcs UNO R3(100%¬†Original with LOGO)
  • 1pcs USB cable
  • jumper wires
  • 1pcs 830 Point BREADBOARD
  • 30pcs led (Red, Green, Yellow)
  • 30pcs resistance(220R, 10K, 1K)
  • 1pcs 10 pin dupont line(male to female)
  • 1pcs potentiometer
  • 1pcs active buzzer
  • 1pcs passive buzzer
  • 1pcs 74HC595N
  • 1pcs Infrared receiving head
  • 1pcs LM35DZ
  • 1pcs Flame sensor
  • 2pcs Roll Ball Switch
  • 3pcs 5mm LDR
  • 4pcs Button Switch with Cap
  • 1pcs IR remote control
  • 1pcs one digital tube
  • 1pcs four digital tube
  • 1pcs 8*8 dot matrix tube
  • 1pcs UNL2003 driver board
  • 1pcs 5V stepper motor
  • 1pcs SG90
  • 1pcs LCD1602 IIC I2C
  • 1pcs PS2 game joystick module
  • 1pcs DHT11 Temperature and Humidity sensor module
  • 1pcs Water level measurement module
  • 1pcs RFID module
  • 1pcs RFID key ring
  • 1pcs RFID card
  • 1pcs sound sensor module
  • 1pcs one road relay module
  • 1pcs RTC module
  • 1pcs 16 buttons matrix keyboard module
  • 1pcs RGB three color module
  • 1pcs 9V Battery Connector

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