USB Wireless Serial Port To NRF24L01 Module

USB Wireless Serial Port To NRF24L01 Module

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Support WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/VISTA/Server 2008/Win7/WIN8 32 bit /64 bit.
USB wireless serial port transmission module, support AT command to configure the system!
Using stable CH340T chip to do USB turn serial port.
Multi frequency point: 125 frequency points, meet the needs of multi point communication and FM communication.
Module two LED lights are power indicator (red), nRF24L01 status indicator (blue / green).
Built-in watchdog anti driver program,can be in a bad environment industrial control occasions stable operation.
Using this module to do wireless serial communication can make transmission distance farther (100~1100m, depending on the use of wireless module power), far more than the Bluetooth serial port (10m) transmission distance.


Wireless remote control, data transmission
Wireless meter reading system
Wireless detection system
Wireless data acquisition system
VOIP system
entrance guard system
Wireless tags, wireless 232, wireless 422/485 data communication

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