Stepper Motor Driver STK672-050

Stepper Motor Driver STK672-050





The STK672-050 is a stepping motor driver Hybrid IC uses power MOSFETs in the output stage. STK672-050 includes a built-in micro stepping controller and is based on unipolar constant-current PWM system. STK672-050 supports application simplification and standardization by providing a built-in 4-phase distribution stepping motor controller. It supports five excitation methods of 2 phase, 1 to 2 phase, 1W 2 phase, 2W 1 to 2 phase and 4W 1 to 2-phase excitation and can provide control of the basic stepping angle of the stepping motor divided into 1/16 step units. It also allows the motor speed to be controlled with only a clock signal. The use of this hybrid IC allows designers to implement systems that provide high motor torques, low vibration levels, low noise, fast response and high-efficiency drive.

Features of STK672-050;

  1. Phase retention even if excitation is switched
  2. Excitation phase state can be verified in real-time using the MO1, MO2, and MOI signal output pins
  3. External excitation PWM drive allows a wide operating supply voltage range to be used
  4. Current detection resistor (0.2R) built-in the hybrid IC itself
  5. Power MOSFETs adopted for low drive loss
  6. Provides a motor output drive current of IOH=3A
  7. 25W Allowable power dissipation


STK672-050 can be used in CNC,3D Printer, plotter,cnc engraving etc.

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