Raspberry Pi Heat Sink (Copper)

Raspberry Pi Heat Sink (Copper)





Whether you’re overclocking your Pi, running it in a hot environment or just want your Pi to look awesome, our high quality Raspberry Pi heat sink kits can help to reduce the operating temperature of the Raspberry Pi’s SoC and LAN chip, and extend its life.

If you’ve got one of our Raspberry Pi heat sink kits and now you want to know how to attach it to your Raspberry Pi read on! You’ll need the following:

Installation Precautions:

  • A Raspberry Pi B , A or Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. Our kits are also compatible with the older Model A & B, but they may be a little bigger than the chips.
  • Two heat sinks – the larger is for the Broadcom SoC, and the smaller is for the LAN chip. (our kits come with both included)
  • Heat sink thermal adhesive strip (our kits come with this included)
  • sharp knife
  • A cutting surface that you won’t mind getting scored!

Additional information

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