5mm Red LED Light Emitting Diode

5mm Red LED Light Emitting Diode

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  1. Dimensions: 5mm Round LED
  2. Size (Diameter) : 5mm
  3. Colour: Red Colour
  4. (ElectroStatic-Discharge) ESD=3000V
  5. (Operation Temperature Range) Topr= -25C ~ 80C
  6. (Storage Temperature Rage) Tstg= -40C ~ 100C
  7. (Soldering Temperature) Tsol= 260C (5sec)

A really nice thing about LEDs is that they are very simple. Unlike some chips that have dozens of pins with names and special uses, LEDs have only two wires. One wire is the anode (positive) and another is the cathode (negative). The two wires have different names because LEDs only work in one direction and we need to keep track of which pin is which. One goes to the positive voltage and the other goes to the negative voltage. Electronic parts that only work in ‘one direction’ like this are called Diodes, thats what the last letter of LED stands for.

  • The longer lead goes to the more-positive voltage
  • Current goes in one direction, from the anode (positive) to the cathode (negative)
  • LEDs that are ‘backwards’ won’t work – but they won’t break either

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