MQ-9 Gas Sensor MQ9 Module CO CH4

MQ-9 Gas Sensor MQ9 Module CO CH4

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MQ-9 Gas Sensor MQ9 Module CO CH4 in Pakistan gas sensor for detection of gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), methane and propane.


  • Sensor MQ-9 ( datasheet )
  • Power supply: 1,5VDC (for CO detection) 5VDC (other gases)
  • High sensitivity
  • CO Detection Range: 10ppm to 1000ppm
  • Detection Range fuel gas: 100ppm to 10000ppm
  • Digital and analog outputs
  • IC LM393
  • Potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment
  • Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 20mm


As a resistance between the sensor output and the earth determines the degree of sensitivity of the MQ-9, then the resistance load must be adjusted with the potentiometer present on the module board for its particular application, taking as a base the datasheet equations. Thus, as soon as the sensor detects the presence of any gas, it is possible to record a change in this resistance, allowing to measure the voltage level on the AOUT pin, which can vary between 0V to 5V. And based on the response time of the sensor can be taken preventive measures quickly.


The sensor module can be connected to the Arduino by connecting the positive pin (VCC) on the 5V, the negative pin (GND) on the GND and the pin AOUT on an analog pin, such as A0. read the analog signal from this pin and follow that reading through the Serial Monitor of the Arduino IDE.

Note: This module is intended for experimental purpose

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