EZP2013 High Speed USB SPI Programmer

EZP2013 High Speed USB SPI Programmer

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This programmer can read and write the bios chips of DVD, TV, PC, hard-disk, etc…
Product research and development. USB 2.0 interface, the speed is 12Mbps max.
2. The speed of reading and writing is very fast.
3. Auto detect chip modles.
4. Auto select power voltage.
6.Auto select the chip supply voltage7. Software and firmware update.
8. Support chip of 25 FLASH, 24 EEPROM, 25 EEPROM, 93 EEPROM, etc. support Rolling code chip: MICROCHIP: HCS101; HCS200; HCS201; HCS300; HCS301;MICROCHIP: HCS101; HCS200; HCS201; HCS300; HCS301;Maximum support 32M FLASH chip ( eg : W25Q256, MX25L25635E, MX25L25637E)

9. Small size
10. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. win 8

Package Contents 

1 x Programmer
1 x USB cable
2 x Simple socket for SMD chips

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