8 Channel 28J60 W5100 RJ45 Network Control Switch Module

8 Channel 28J60 W5100 RJ45 Network Control Switch Module

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W5100 8 channel network control panel is base on a 32-bit system network relay control module, through this module can realize through the Internet or router network control relay module, so it realize the purposes of the remote control switch power supply centralized management.
It can be directly through the PC serial port or network assistant to setup and control, refer to the instructions to use.
Suitable for: home decoration, hotel, shopping mall management, Internet cafes, karaoke time, daily office, stores monitoring, networking, industrial control equipment, test equipment, power control, unattended, underground pipes, mining equipment, ships, machine room, street lamp management, intelligent management, centralized management.


External power supply voltage: 5V DC 2A
Can connect a relay number: 8
Electronic switch life: 100,000 times
Work temperature: -30°C – 85°C
Size: approx. 1.86 X 1.89 X 0.79 in


Please pay more attention to the connection, when connect to the high voltage power supply module, and avoid damaging the equipment.
Directions for use
Network assistant set serial port
Protocol: TCP/IP
Port number: 3000
1. PC Settings, wiring 16 road network to the PC

Package Included:

1 X W5100 Network Control Switch 5V Network Relay Module
1 X Heating Panel
1 X 10pin

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